Owner: Brien McEahern

Brien---Rock'N'oodlesRock’N’oodles is my Las Vegas dream come true.  I arrived here as a leftover 80’s metal kid in the summer of 1990. With my hair past my shoulders, I had no clue what I was going to do. After a painful haircut, I was employed with Sam’s Town as a busboy.  I then went on to work at various restaurants around town. I met Susan while opening Sammy’s Wood-fired Pizza on West Sahara, and we became fast friends. We both went on to different concepts and yet always remained close. I was in her wedding and held her newborn twins.  In later years, we often talked about how hard we worked for other people and that someday we should have a place of our own. We began working on the concept of Rock’N’oodles.

It was early October 2012 when we began to search locations. The concept for me was born out of what I already know. Music and great food are an intrinsic combination for all of humanity. It is the bridge that allows diversity and commonality to meet and thrive. Las Vegas is the greatest city on earth, and it has allowed me to meet the best people and live my dream. I want our guests to feel our passion and there is nothing I won’t do to make sure they feel welcomed, satisfied and appreciated.

Owner: Susan E. Kordt

Rock'N'oodlesMy name is Susan Kordt and I am a California transplant.  I moved here over 15 years ago when I was opening up restaurants for Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza.  I have opened a few more since then for other companies, yet still yearned to fulfill my own dream of opening my own.  Brien and I have spent years discussing this dream that we shared.  After a few life-changing moments, it was time.  We both had ideas but knew Brien’s Rock’N’oodles concept would be perfect for downtown and would complement the revitalization efforts there.  It has taken us exactly a year this October to pull it all together. We are both fortunate to have strong support systems in our lives.  Thanks to my husband, Stephan, and my two wonderful children, Cameron and Sebastian, we will see this come to life in October (2013).

I love dining out!  When there is a great atmosphere that provides excellent customer service and fresh well-prepared food, that to me is the key to any restaurants success.  We will work hard to provide that at Rock’N’oodles.  Our concept will have a high-energy environment that serves great tasting unique dishes with bend over backwards service. Please come see what I am talking  about.

Chef: David Peddle

Sous-Chef-David---800x956I was born and raised in Parowan, Utah, and graduated high school in 2008.  I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend culinary school at CSN. I’ve worked at the MGM doing catering events for modern and classic musicians, including Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones. I’ve always been interested in creating dishes that satisfy the palate and leave the customer wanting more.  I will never stop learning new and different techniques, and will always continue to strive to be the best I can be.